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Click here for a video of some shark moments in Palau.
Most of these footage are taken at the divesite "Blue Corner". This is an advanced dive with sometimes very strong and unpredictable currents. Exactly the conditions that attract the many sharks to this ridge that jets out to the open ocean and drops to thousands of feet. The dive will start along either side of the wall, depending on the currents and divers typically drop to about 90'. You'll might be greeted by a crusing gray reef shark, but they will at this point, keep their distance. As you move toward the point of the coral shelf that drops at around 35' to 60' depending on which side you're on, you'll begin to see even more soft coral. The current will get stronger and you'll see more cruising sharks overhead. The upwelling current might easily take you over the wall if you're not prepared and ready to hook on with your reef hook.

Click Here for a video of some marine life in Palau.
Here you can see some footage of the marine life I've seen during my dives at Palau.

Click Here for a video of some Manta meeting in Yap.
Over 100 Manta Rays live year round in the waters surrounding Yap. In the winter (usually December to late April) the Mantas congregate in even greater numbers in Mi'l Channel for the mating season. During the summer season, they spend their mornings in Goofnuw channel in the Valley of the Rays.
Every morning, huge Manta Rays cruise into protected channels that penetrate the barrier reef. They come to "Cleaning Stations" where small specialized reef fishes called cleaners pick off tiny parasites that the Mantas pick up in blue water while feeding. The Mantas slowly circle the cleaning station and frequently pass within inches of the observing diver's heads.
Small Mantas are generally about 8 feet from wingtip to wingtip. The larger rays are up to 14 feet across.

Click Here for a video of some Shark meetings in Yap.
These footages are taken during a shark attraction at the divesite Vertigo. The sharks are attracted by frozen fish held in a metal wired box. The sharks can smell the fish but can't get to it. The result is is a lot of sharks swimming around while the divers make their shots.