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My Holiday

March 2000 I left for a 3 weeks trip to the Philippines. The first week was at the Sumisid Lodge at Panagsama Beach, Moalboal. From the SeaQuest Dive Center we dived at among others on Pescador Island, Tonga Point, Kasai Point, Talysai Point and White Beach. After 10 days a safari started which brought us at Apo Island. About 62 miles (100 km) south from MoalBoal. Apo Island lies about 3 miles (5 km) south east of the Island Negros. One of my favourite dive sites was undoubtedly the Marine Sanctuary with Clownfish City as the highlight. A rock about 8 feet (2,5 mtr) in diameter and height and all covered with anemones. Each anemone held whole families of Clownfishes in all sorts and sizes. Really spectacular. Furthermore we've visited the sites: The Chapel (Mamsa Kan Oeran), Rock Point and Coconut point. From Apo Island the trip brought us at our next destination, Cabilao Island which lies about 4 miles west of the Island Bohol. There we made dives at Coconut Point, Shark Cave, Talysai and Batu Puti (White Stone). The trip ended at Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol. Because of a cold I didn't dive at this location.


The Philippines is located in south-east Asia between Indonesia and China. The country has a total area of 186.000 miles (300,000 km2), 185.000 miles (298,170 km2) is on land and 22550 miles (36,289 km) of coastline. My desination belongs to the Central Visaya islands which lies in the Bohol sea, part of the Pacific ocean.


The terrain is mostly mountainous with narrow to extensive coastal lowlands. Natural resources include timber, petroleum, nickel, cobalt, silver, gold, salt, and copper. The country has active volcanos.


Philipino (official, based on Tagalog), English (official) Bisaya (Central Region)


Philippines has a tropical marine climate - north-east monsoon from November to April and south-west monsoon from May to October. It is astride the typhoon belt and usually stuck by five to six cyclonic storms per year. Typhoons most frequent from June to December, except on Mindanao. Thee best time to visit is November-March, when the temperatures are cool and pleasant (it's 15° F/7° C degrees cooler in the mountain areas). April and May are very hot and humid—it's just prior to the rainy season. Avoid the rainy season, June-September, as roads are often damaged by flooding.

Diving conditions

Low to mid 80°'s F (26,5°). If you're diving only occassionally then a dive skin is fine, but for repetitive dives (3 or more a day) a 3mm suit is best. Diving in the Philippines is usually done on local outrigger canoes called "bangkas". The smaller ones will take up to 4-6 divers and the larger boats capable of up to a dozen. A simple backwards roll takes one into the warm clear tropical waters.

Time difference Palau

+8 hrs GMT