dive sites

Agincourt reef A series of many smaller reefs with at least 16 different dive sites: The Channels offer interesting swim-throughs and caves, while The Gardens are renowned for their exceptional abundance of brightly coloured reef fish. Blue Wonder is a breath-taking wall dive to beyond 40m while Nursery Bommie is a spectacular pinnacle where pelagic fish gather to feed.
Dive Type: Reef
Access: 65km from Port Douglas by boat
Visibility: Average 20m
Depth: From 0m to 24m

Cod Hole - Ribbon reef # 10 Internationally recognised underwater photographers Ron and Valerie Taylor were the first to publicise this site. Swim with large friendly Potato Cod (6-30kg). See clouds of cod like Maori Wrasse, red bass, and emperor. Other marine life includes average coral cover, anemonies, whitetip reef sharks, giant clams, schools of pyramid butterflyfish, Solomon's sweetlip, cleaning stations and feather stars. Great photo opportunity. Dive Type: Reef Access: From Cairns/Port Douglas North tip of Ribbon Reef #10 By Boat Visibility: Average 12m Depth: From 3m to 30m

Great Detached ReefThis is a large complex of several reefs on an older fossil surface. This reef has about 46km of edge. Wall diving and very steep down to over 400 metres with some small caves in the wall. Barracuda, trevally and sharks, along with schools of basslets, fussiliers and sometimes blue-lined snapper. Moray eels, lobster, shrimp and nudibranch. Lots of large potato cod and some mantarays and turtles. Dive Type: Reef, Wall Access: From Cairns By Boat Visibility: Average 60m Depth: From 2m to 40+m

North horn, Osprey ReefA remote sea mount rising 1000 m from the ocean floor. North Horne has spectacular wall drop-offs, amazing visibility and a popular shark-feeding location!!! The northern most point attracts many reef fish and many pelagic species including barracuda, dogtooth tuna and mackerel. White-tips and Grey Whalers cruise off the wall and Hammerheads and Oceanic Silver tips often come in from deep water to check out the action. Undersea explorer now study the sharks, they are identified and monitored periodically. Dive Type: Reef, Wall, Shark feed Access: From Cairns Northwest tip Osprey Reef By Boat Visibility: From 10m to 50+m Depth: From 5m to 1000m

Raine IslandRaine Island has the greatest number of nesting Green Turtles in the world. Each summer tens of thousands arrive to mate and nest. The northern drop-off is riddled with overhangs and caves housing a sleeping turtle or two, along with squirrelfish, pufferfish and butterflyfish. Keep an eye out for Tige Sharks. While on board the Undersea explorer an unsuccesfull attempt was made to catch a tiger shark to tag it in order to follow his behavior. Dive Type: Island, Reef Access: From Port Douglas or Lockhart River Mission NE of Cape Grenville By Boat Visibility: From 20m to 40m Depth: From 3m to 60+m