Coral Sea

diving the great barrier reef


Welcome at the home page of Aquaman On this site I would like to share some of my underwater experiences during my diving holidays. You will be able to look at photographs and/or video's taken at land and during several dives at some of the most beautiful diving locations of the world. Just choose a destination and look at the info, photo's and/ot video's of that destination. The videofragments were taken with the JVC DVX7 digital videocamera, placed into an Ikelite underwater housing. As from 2010 I used a Sony HC9 camera into a Light and Motion housing which was replaced by a Canon Legria HF-G10 into a Light and Motion Bluefin underwater housing in 2011

Under photography I'll show some of my nicest pictures which are not related to my diving trips. You will be transfered t my pages at When you'll stay within the sections of sets and photo's you can see my photographs. Mid 1970 I've started with photography using a Practica LTL camera. After a few years it was replaced by a Pentax ME Super camera. Ofcourse both camera's were analog ones and I've used both negatives as well as slides during that time. Mid 2013 I picked up the hobby again using a Nikon D3200 digital camera, using a 28-55mm, a 50-300 mm and a 60mm nmacro lense. December 2013i December 2013 I've replaced it with a Nikon D800E with a 24-85mm f3,5-4,5 a 70-300mm f4 and a 105mm f2,8 macro lense.


Who is Aquaman

Who is Aquaman? Born in 1958 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and living in Purmerend, a small city about 20 km north of Amsterdam. I started diving in 1997 and got my first certification in the Netherlands. During my holiday in Hurghada Egypt in 2005, I've received my advanced open water certification with 120 logged dives.

Each year I try to go for a dive-holiday, visiting new locations somewhere in the world. So far I have been to the Red Sea several times. Maldives and Indonesia has been visited twice and the Philipines, Thailand and Malaysia were all visited once already. The locations in the Pacific area, including Micronesia (Palau and Yap), Papaua New Guinea, Australia (Great Barrier Reef) and Fiji has been ticked of my "bucket list" also as well as Bonaire and Curacao in the Caribean area. For the total list of visited locations see the Home page under "where I've been so far". Under the paragraph "what else is there to know" you can find my "bucket list" of future dive destinations.

During my first two holidays I've started with underwater photography. First with a small uw-camera and the next year with a Sea and Sea camera hoping to make beter quality photo's. While on my holiday to the Philipines I've met a diver who made underwater video. After seeing the footages made of our dive, I was sold and bought my first video camera and underwater housing within a year. Until 2008 I've used the JVC DVX-7 digital videocamera, placed into an Ikelite underwater housing. In 2009 I've bought a Sony HC9 camera with a Lite and Motion underwaterhousing. Unfortunately during my vacation in Indonesia, Flores a mailfunction prevented me from making footages of my dives there. The Sony was replaced by a Canon HF-G10 camera and a Lite and Motion Bluefin underwaterhousing in 2011 The Sony and Canon camera are both High Defnition cameras. After the holiday I edit the footages and burn a DVD from it using the Final Cut software (Mac). Until 2009 I've used the Pinnacle Studio software (Windows)..


There are two navigation tools, the first one is the menu at the top of the page. Here you can choose a destination, see about my future plans or read some details about me, look at my photopages or read my blog (dutch language only). On the rest of the pages a second menu appears (right below the menu), related to the content. For instance general inormation about the destination and/or dive spots, photograps and/or video's shot during my trip or the index photopage.

What else is there to know?

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